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, everybody. >> welcome back to cnn's coverage of president obama awarding the presidential medal of freedom to 16 extraordinary americans, be including former president bill clinton. the honorees ranged from the former president to talk show host oprah winfrey and the late astronaut sally ride. this is also the 50th anniversary of the award, which was brought to the nation by president john f. kennedy 50 years ago. here with me eleanor, let's start with you, the clintons and obamas, this is a big day historically. after doing this ceremony, participating in the ceremony, the 50th anniversary of the medal of freedom, they are going to going to john f. kennedy's gravesite to pay homage to a president who forever be young and popular. i think it's fair to say this is a low point for president obama. president clinton had some low points of his own. he's now got extraordinary popularity. he's a democratic icon. republicans even like him. he's provided a life raft to the this president in the past. they need each other. there's a third person that will be joining them at the gravesite, hillary c >>> the fix, the apology and the blame, of course. president obama trying to dig out of the obama care hole and what does this mean for him and his legacy? >> plus, one child per family, a law that's been around for years in china, but today the government making some changes to that rule and others. also -- >> if they would haved a mirror acting the way i've conducted myself, i would have dop the exact same thing. i'm not mad at anybody. i take full responsibility. >> the toronto's crack smoking mayor says he is not leaving his job. now the city council has just voted to strip him of some of his power. you're watching "around the world" i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. house republicans say they have the fix for obama care, a vote happens this hour actually. it's meant to, on the gop bill called the keep your health plan act. >> referring to the promise that the president is struggling to make good on here, president obama as you know, meeting later today with ceos of insurance companies. we saw him yesterday offering a temporary fix and a lot of apologies to the millions of am
. right now, a republican governor. president obama carried this state twice. democrats want a democratic victory tonight to try to make the case. virginia is shifting from a one-time red state, becoming a blue state. fascinating issues at play in this race. the very same issues that will be in play next year in the midterm elections and likely in the 2016 presidential campaign as well. the government shutdown, the tactics of the tea party and the president's health care plan. the it's one thing to watch tonight in virginia. do a majority of the voters oppose obama care? do they have disagreements with the president's health care plan and at the same time, do they elect a democratic governor? do they reject a republican candidate who's among the first attorneys general to challenge it. if that happens, watch for republicans to have a painful lesson about whether their candidate was too far to the right, especially in a state shifting more to a moderate purple state. >> right and we mentioned 2016. mcauliffe very close to the clintons, could be seen as perhaps what does it mean for the pos
supporter of obama care is now saying that president obama should let people keep their current insurance in reference, of course, to the president's pledges that people can go ahead and keep their current health plan if they like them. jim acosta from the white house will talk a little bit about this. if bill clinton is weighing in on this, i imagine that says something very much this is political. this is a political hot potato. this means something here he is weighing in and weighing in on this side saying you know what? i think they need to do this. why is this so important? >> that's right. this white house can no longer, suzanne, say it's just the republicans who want to scuttle obama care, who want to repeal it and not replace it with anything else. it's now democrats inside the party close to the president very important high profile democrats saying wait a minute, this is not working the way it's rolling out right now. something has to be done to fix it. perhaps there is no bigger democrat who is saying that at this point than bill clinton who gave an interview to a little known
cuccinelli. who seized on the obama care website. new york city has a new mayor, bill de blasio, the first democrat in 20 years to win the mayor's seat. >>> joining us from washington, wolf blitzer. what struck me were two particular states. you have virginia and new jersey, important in 2016 presidential race. virginia always this large swing state and governor chris christie. very strong in his home state. could put new jersey on the electoral map. which is really fascinating. what was your take-away? >> on the latter point you make, you're right. it could be close, because in the exit poll. we did in new jersey, we asked potentially hypothetically, would you support christie versus hillary clinton for the presidential race in 2016. and hillary clinton won, but by not many points. so new jersey, which in a presidential contest is very, very democratic, as opposed to republican. potentially could be up, if in fact christie were to run for the republican presidential nomination. all indications are, he seriously thinking about it. if he were to win, get the nomination, and hillary clinton
on is that democrats are trying to change the subject away from obama care. listen to what mitch mcconnell said. >> once again, senate democrats are threatening to break the rules of the senate, break the rules of the senate, in order to change the rules of the senate. and over what? over what? over a court that doesn't even have enough work to do? millions of americans are hurting because of a law washington democrats forced upon them and what do they do about it? they cook up some fake fight everybody judges. a fake fight over judges that aren't even needed. >> reporter: now, people looking at this might say, this is sort of process, it's about a couple of judges or a couple of the president's nominees, why do we care so much? sure, that is the case and that is important. but bigger picture, it is important because if you thought that washington was divide and partisan and gridlocked, even though the move is to make it less gridlocked you're going to see very likely the tensions flare even more because of democrats attempting to take away this power from the minority. in fact, john mccain, wh
♪ >>> welcome back to "around the world." a new survey finds president obama's approval rating has now dropped to the lowest number since he became president. the latest quinnipiac university polling showed 54% of voters disapprove of how the president is handling his job. compare that to october 1st when obama's disapproval rating was 49%. now this comes after the disastrous roll out of the obama care website. >> right now, his approval rating just 39%. you see it there on your screen. now, also for the first time in quinnipiac's polling history, a majority of americans now say the president is not trustworthy. 52% say he is not honest and trustworthy. that compares to 44% who say he is. >> but americans think that congress is doing a far worse job actually than the president. this new gallup poll released today finds only 9% approve of the job congress is doing. 9%. it is the lowest congressional approval rating in the 39 years that gallup has actually asked the question. the reason that people give, the top reason here of course, it's understandable is the partisanship, the bickering that i
the rough rollout of the obama care website, the president's approval rating continues to have its own set of glitches. we'll explain. >>> and then with a handshake and the stroke of a pen, iran agrees to back off its nuclear program. some call the deal a success for diplomacy. others say it's a historic failure. this is around world". i'm hallal gorani. suzanne malveaux is off. >> i'm michael holmes. let's begin with the story that will affect millions of people during one of the busiest travel times of the year. if you're not seeing this powerful storm yet, chances are you will before thanksgiving. >> there is a storm that has everything. it has rain, it has sleet. it has snow. ice and bone-chilling winds. it's pounding the middle of the country and marching east. >> people in oklahoma and texas dealing with weather they rarely see this time of year. have a look at those pictures. you can see how dangerous travel is. no word about the driver in that crash, but at least ten people have died on the roads. >> chad meyers is here tracking the storm for us. and nick valencia is at dfw interna
how the world can expect to see or damaging asteroids hit earth. >>> then president obama uses it the pope uses it. you can own a piece of it, for a price. twitter goes public. >>> you're watching "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. michael holmes is off this week. talking about the strongest storm anywhere in the world this year. it's called typhoon high juhaiy equivalent to the category 5 hurricane, on measurement scale, by comparison hurricane katrina category 3 but killed 1700 people. superstorm sandy killed more than 150. thousands of people including a lot of tourists are evacuating ahead of typhoon haiyan. want to bring in chad meyers joining us from the cnn weather center. >> this is one of the top 12, the top dozen, of all storms ever seen on this planet. with the satellite or in person. that's how big this is. it is not as deep as gilbert and wilma in the atlantic, but the wind speeds are higher than those storms because of the eye is so small. this is just the most incredible picture i can show you. this eye, right there just -- it reminds me of andrew, slammin
grandfather, ambassador to britain. >> she was a fixture on the obama campaign. i had a chance to interview her. it was really a turning point for the president because they did not go with the clintons, they went with the obamas at the time. they thought yes, this means eventually she will have a job somewhere in the administration. that was the speculation. many, many baby boomers say they remember where they were the day that president kennedy was assassinated in dallas. it's going to be 50 years ago on friday. >> yes, but they may not remember the exact spot where jp fk was shot especially now that it's been paved over. dallas street workers are got rid of those painted white xs that have marked the spot on dealey plaza road for so many years. nobody knows who originally painted them. >> when we asked the city, what happened to the xs, they said workers poured over asphalt to level the streets for friday's remembrance day. recently dallas' mayor says the city wants friday's ceremony to focus on kennedy's life, not the murder. >> we'll turn our attention now to the middle east. al qaeda
to review some provisions of obama care particularly those that repair employees of a certain size to offer health insurance when it comes to birth control and other reproductive health services without a copay. so that is the provision of obama care that would be reviewed by the court. mark preston is in washington with more on the significance of this. what might be decided at the supreme court level? >> well is, hala, what we'll find out from the supreme court, we won't hear from them probably till march or april of the next year is whether this provision can withstand in the affordable care act. and what has happened is we had this very large craft store that's based out of oklahoma city called hobby lobby who opposed it. they opposed this provision because they do not want to have a to pay for contraception. they don't believe that it is right. they think it goes against their religious values and they feel like it is being imposed upon them. i have to tell you, whenever you're on the campaign trail, if you're ever out with the social conservatives, this is a very big issue for them, o
to that behind closed doors we don't know the. >> and there's a huge political cost to the obama administration. you've got powerful senators not going to allow nominations to go through unless you have the testimony from those involved on the ground benghazi. where is that going. >> senator lindsey graham has said, we're not going to get your appointees appointed till we get answers and get these people into congress behind closed doors and tell us what the heck happened in benghazi and what they want, suzanne, had he don't want the filtered information, they don't want the administration officials. they want the people who were there telling them in person what the heck happened. >> phil, thank you. excellent reporting >> great stuff. really interesting. drew griffin. now news out of russia, edward snowden, you know that name, don't you, wanted for spying living under russia's protection. we just learn this had week a new job working for a russian website. >> looks like the nsa leaker wants to leave russia, go to germany to testify what he knows. yesterday in moscow, snowden had a meeting wit
, obama care, that would delay at least for one year, 2014, the requirement that folks lose some of their health insurance plans, even though they may have liked those health insurance plans. the president will be walking in momentarily. dana bash, quickly, as we await the president, give us the big headline that he will announce. >> reporter: headline that is they are asking insurance companies to tell people who are in the individual market that got cancellation policy notices that they can keep their plans for up to one year, but only if the insurance companies tell these consumers that there are other alternatives out there and the benefits in these policies will be not up to snuff, not as good, as what is required in the obama care law. also on out for state insurance commissions. that's the gist of what we've been told the president will announce. very interesting, wolf, that house speaker used his regularly scheduled press conference, we took it live here to have a prebutle of what the president said. one of the things he noted was that american people, he said, don't trus
season here. >> first lady michelle obama welcomed the official white house christmas tree. the douglas fir came from pennsylvania. the family who grew it from a sap ling made the big presentation. the tree is leaded for the blue room at the white house. >> good for her. coming up, the bitter battle between celebrity chef nigel lal lawson and her ex-husband charles sarchy rumbles on. >> how he's dragging her name through the mud at the trial of two former employees accused of embezzlement. then justin bieber gets too artistic for one australian hotel's tastes. >> the pop star is always in the news, accused of vandalizing the hotel but bieber says the hotel said he could. >> hold the obituary. it looks like the thanksgiving comet. survived its sun bath. you're watching "around the world." we'll be right back. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspi
and they've complained many times to the nsa, to congress to president obama. i spoke from europe last week with the foreign minister of germany, guido vestivale who said in relationship to the tapping of angela merkel's phone. you can't catch terrorists by tapping your friend's phones and laid down the thesis that yes, there are legitimate areas of espionage, yes, we have to find the bad guys, but it doesn't mean to say we can't find some kind of balance vis-a-vis all our citizens and all of those people who think that they're being tapped in and for which we find this unacceptable. so that's the debate that's going on in europe right now. whether it's in germany and spain or other places. having said that, they all know very well that there is a big link of intelligence-sharing and you know, between each other and with the nsa. >> do they, do they, how do they see snowden? do they think of him as a traitor? do they think he has provided some sort of public service to the world by revealing these kind of, the methods that the u.s. gets its information, its intelligence, sensitive intellige
the bush and obama administrations have been trying to negotiate. today is a day where the administration could achieve what they're calling a partial or limited deal. iran would suspend peb its current enrichment efforts in return for which the united states and other countries would lift not all the sanctions but some limited sanctions. i think it's a sensible way for the administration to proceed. we'll see if they can get the deal and the negotiations under way right now. >> how important is it for israel to be on board? we've heard very strong statements from benjamin netanyahu calling it a monumental mistake. does israel need to be on board to make this happen? >> it doesn't need to be on board but it's desirable. a lot of people are sympathetic to the concerns israelis have. if iran gets nuclear weapons capability, it's a threat to the israelis. it's better to argue in private not in public. when prime minister netanyahu went public in such a wolde way when he separated himself from the united states, it did hurt the cause. it's better for the united states and israel to be standin
this day as armistice day. this morning president obama laid a wreath at the arlington national cemetery. the president and first lady held a breakfast at the white house to honor veterans and their families. about one in ten veterans are 65 years old or older. >> up next, we travel with the military to gr to a remote group of islands devastated by the typhoon. for international viewers, world sport is next. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve.
of president kennedy. president obama has ordered flags across the united states to fly at half-staff in honor of the late president. there you see it lowered at the who us. >> memorial ceremonies and moments of silence are being held literally from coast to coast. ♪ >> charismatic president was 1,000 days into his term, just 46 years old when he was gunned down while riding in that famous open top limousine. his wife by his side. >> we're going to bring you extensive coverage as we mentioned to our viewers in the u.s., also around the world as the nation honors john fits fitzgerald kennedy. let's go live now to dealey plaza in dallas. ed lafrd dare ra is there. what's the mood on this day? because dallas for so long fought against the notion that it was sort of that place where hate took -- killed basically president kennedy. what's the mood today on the 50th anniversary? >> well, you know, there are a lot of people here who just remember the day, quite frankly and lived in a way like no other people around the world lived. i've had had the chance to meet and speak with many people who were
. president obama pardons the thanksgiving turkey live this hour. the question is, are will caramel or popcorn get the official pardon? >> hello, i'm jim sciutto in washington. wolf blitzer is off today. we're going to start with the weather. its impossible to avoid it, itemingly everywhere you look,
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